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Totality Business Solutions helps incredible, amazing small and medium sized businesses look that way in the digital landscape. When our clients win, we win, so we work as partners with them to:

CREATE, ENHANCE, AND FORTIFY THEIR BRAND: Brand is much more than just an attractive logo, it's the essence of what your business is, stands for, and targets as their perfect customer. We help businesses hone in on those aspects and then assist in visualizing them in a cohesive brand image, developing one central theme, and then ensuring that theme is applied throughout all of their digital and physical visibility.

HAVE A WEBSITE THAT SAYS "WOW": once we have established our client's brand identity, we apply those elements in a beautiful, fast, and flexible website, that raises eyebrow, and gets customers interested in your company. Each website is designed to put customers on a journey that ends with them knowledgeable about your business or organization, how it can be trusted, and filling out a form to contact you, buying your products, or booking an appointment for your services.  

EMPLOY EFFECTIVE DIGITAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGIES: you have a solid brand presentation, your website is on point and phenomenal, but none of that matters if no one knows you exist. Totality helps businesses drive customer traffic to their website so those customers can experience just how awesome they are...and get them engaged and/or buying. 

PUT THE POWER OF TECHNOLOGY TO WORK THEM: Business owners started their businesses because they had a particular set of skills that are valuable to customers. What they didn't sign up for were headaches and pain points- accounting, customer relationship management, social media posting, HR, legal policies, online presence, etc. Fortunately, there are a number of software services that help pulls all those additional tasks into one place and automate or simplify them to let business owners concentrate on what they do best- running a best-in-class business. Totality also helps businesses where needed to optimize efficiency and effectiveness in all aspects of their business to streamline operations and administration- which helps improve their bottom line.  

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